Lauren Bacall: Canine Before Comfort

Nothing gets between Lauren Bacall and her dog. The legendary Big Sleep star is about to set off on an epic voyage to reach Norway, where she'll be filming the indie flick Wide Blue Yonder. On the way, she'll have to stop and do a costume fitting in England, where it's illegal to fly in with a pooch. Rather than be separated from her 5.5-pound papillon, Sophie, she'll fly to Paris, and then drive to Calais on the northern coast (the Eurostar train prohibits pets, too). There, at U.K. Customs, poor Sophie will be examined. "It's a nightmare, just a long nightmare," Bacall griped to Intel as she was packing in her Dakota apartment. After the exam, they board a boat. "We have to be in the car on the ferry and not get out of the car until we arrive in Folkestone, in England," she said. "I'm not quite sure how I'm getting to Norway yet, but I do know the border patrol has to be notified 48 hours before you arrive. The whole scene is so ridiculous!" Yes, yes, it is. —Geoffrey Gray