Murder at Deutsche Bank?


• The deaths of two firefighters in the Deutsche Bank blaze this weekend may be classified as homicides — and it could be negligent contractors, who disabled a critical standpipe, and chain-smoking Eastern European immigrants, who started the fire, who are accused of murdering them. [NYP]

• Move over, Bernie Kerik: Another former police commish gets a scandal of his own. Did Howard Safir give a company he’s connected to millions in no-bid contracts? [NY1]
• The city’s Housing Department will pay $14 million dollars to keep 500 units of low-income housing from landing on the auction block. The apartments are in such bad shape from years of neglect that they’re in danger of foreclosure. [NYDN]
• A Bronx tenant found a mad scientist’s collection including a jar containing animal remains, acid, and maybe a human fetus in the basement of his building. The landlord, who might be responsible for the stuff but might not, is already in jail for molesting young boys. [NYDN]
• And drivers lured to a “topless car wash” by scantily clad women on the William Floyd Parkway were disappointed to find a group of bare-chested firefighters scrubbing their cars. [NYP]