Oprah’s Politics Club

Oprah is throwing a $2,300-a-head fund-raiser for Barack Obama at her ranch in Montecito, California, and it’s sold out. Writer Robert Olen Butler’s wife, Elizabeth Dewberry, left him for Ted Turner, perhaps because Turner resembles the grandfather who once molested her. The Good Morning America intern who posed nude (for Playboy) is named Lace Rose Allenius, and she once dated Matt Dillon. Mayor Bloomberg, Donald Trump, Billy Crystal, and Joe Torre won a charity golf tourney by nine strokes. Uma Thurman is dating Elle Macpherson’s ex, Swiss banker Arky Busson. Lindsay Lohan’s bodyguard has received half-million-dollar offers to sell her out, but he won’t do it. Members of Usher’s camp maintain that fiancée Tameka Foster made up her “baby scare” so Usher would talk to her. Cindy Sheehan sang along to Cypress Hills’ “Fuck the Pigs” while drinking beer at a Randalls Island concert.

Adrian Grenier was mobbed by groupies at Star Room. A-Rod, his wife, and eight friends took a trip to Miami to celebrate his 32nd birthday. Westchester County D.A. Janet DiFiore is ditching the GOP for the Dems. Paris Hilton urged partygoers at Brett Ratner’s house not to drink and drive. Agents at ICM are working hard to maintain ousted exec Ed Limato’s clients. Liev Schreiber gave new mom Naomi Watts a diamond pendant. Septuagenarian designer Mary McFadden is getting ready to make her twelfth walk down the aisle, this time with 90-year-old Marquette de Bary. Both Malcolm McDowell and Helen Mirren will offer commentaries on the DVD reissue of Caligula. Sharon Osbourne ate bags of salad and candy on a plane. Meredith Vieira’s husband, Richard Cohen, and Nancy Pelosi both have books coming out.