Partly Cooked


• Something to ponder during your commute: The most recent federal survey rated the upkeep of the Brooklyn Bridge lower than its collapsed Minneapolis counterpart. [NYDN]

• 9/11 families, who demand to be let into the construction pit on the anniversary of the attacks, will meet with Mayor Bloomberg to “find a mutually agreeable plan to honor our loved ones in a meaningful and respectful way.” Or else! [WNBC]
• The “I’m an adulterer, not a rapist” grand-jury tactic failed; Queens city councilman Dennis Gallagher has been indicted and charged with rape. He intends to cry prosecutorial misconduct. [amNY]
• The end of the Steinbrenner era is nigh: The Yankees could be sold as early as September, bundled with the YES cable network. [NYP]
• And more than a month after the trans-fats ban kicked into effect, Burger King and Wendy’s still peddle the stuff. Technically, they can, because their fries “arrive at the restaurants partly cooked.” Mmm. [NYT]