Pills, Pols, and Oprah


• Eight percent of the city’s sexually active teens report using the pill, as opposed to 18 percent nationwide, a city Health Department survey finds, with girls from the South Bronx nearly twice as likely as the nation’s average to have unprotected sex. [1010wins]

• Looks like big-time Dem bundler Norman Hsu won’t be co-hosting that Hillary gala next month with Quincy Jones. In fact, Hill’s people forwarded $23,000 of his campaign donations to charity — and are scrutinizing much more from him — after learning of a warrant for his arrest in a ‘91 fraud case. [NYT]
• Taking a brave stand, Assembly speaker Sheldon Silver’s saying that he doesn’t want to turn control of the state’s $154 billion pension fund over to a board of “nameless faces” — no, no, no. Not, of course, that anyone’s pressuring him to do so. Most state GOPers oppose the post-Hevesi reform idea, too. [NYS]
• Supermarket mogul and ‘09 mayoral maybe-wannabe John Catsimatidis says he isn’t deterred by a new Quinnipiac poll finding that New Yorkers prefer a politician to a businessman as Bloomberg’s successor. What’ll put him over? “I’m very warm,” he said. [NYDN]
• Oprah’s coming! Yep, the Queen will be taping in Gotham for the first time in ten years on September 10, with one show featuring the “good things” that came out of 9/11 and another with her longtime faux-rival turned friend Dave Letterman. Aw. [NYP]