Rihanna Has No Idea What to Do Next


Rihanna at the Paper party.Photo: Getty Images

What’s 19-year-old Barbados-born singing sensation Rihanna supposed to do next, now that her ubiquitous (and awesome) summer song “Umbrella” has taken her halfway toward total world domination? We saw her at a Paper-magazine party the other day (she’s the mag’s latest cover girl), and we asked. And, well, she doesn’t seem to know. But she’s open to things. Movies? “I want to do comedy and action,” she told us. “I would love to do my own stunts. That would be fun.” Broadway? “Maybe,” she said. Then, “Definitely!” A fashion line? “I want to start something. I like mean-girl stuff. I like lingerie. I’m very extreme.” And what about the umbrella line? “They approached me. I’m thinking metallic, maybe. Or transparent’s cool — you gotta see the raindrops.” —Rachel Wolff