Quarterback Sacked

Bridget Moynahan won’t actually see Tom Brady and is only giving him limited access to their newborn son. Late New York Giants owner Wellington Mara’s eleven kids are going through problems, both personal and business-related. Christie Brinkley didn’t attend the Hampton Classic Horse Show because Peter Cook and a new girlfriend were inside. Note to male tennis players: Do not date Martina Hingis. Julia Stiles helped boyfriend Jonathan Cramer install one of his sculptures on Central Park North. Jack Nicholson once jumped out a window after Hunter S. Thompson pulled a gun out in a house. Music mogul Irv Gotti made it to day three of a $10,000 World Poker Tour event. A former Stuyvesant High School student of Frank McCourt said the Pulitzer Prize winner was not a great English teacher. James Blount hooked up with another model, this time in Malibu.

Mischa Barton danced poorly at the Tom Petty concert in the Hamptons. Google is throwing a cocktail party for “media” professionals in October, though some think it’s just an excuse to get cute girls to show up. Stereo nightclub co-owner Barry Mullineaux is claiming that basketball player Rafer Alston did not, in fact, stab a patron in the neck of the club’s parking lot. Some of Karl Rove’s ex-colleagues put “I Love Barack Obama” stickers on his car. Professional burglars are looting villas in St. Tropez, and local law enforcement isn’t stopping them. Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson went to Turks and Caicos together. Surfer Kelly Slater regrets his stint on Baywatch. Paris Hilton may have bought a Chihuahua named Jimi Hendrix. Liz Smith thinks popular restaurants are more crowded now than usual because Wall Streeters are too poor to take vacation.