Sheriff Andy?


• Andrew Cuomo, getting a feel for this whole crusading-A.G. thing, is asking the legislature to grant his office broad jurisdiction and subpoena powers. Our new awesome conspiracy theory: He gets the state GOP to empower him by promising them Spitzer’s head – and then subpoenas Bruno! [NYS]

• There were two arrests for the execution-style killings in Newark last week — a 15-year-old boy and his 28-year-old accomplice — who surrendered to mayor Cory Booker at the press conference announcing the first arrest. [NYT]
• Mayor Bloomberg has agreed to let 9/11 victim families limited access “below the grade” at the World Trade Center site for the sixth-anniversary ceremonies. It took weeks of deeply icky negotiations. [NYP]
• The MTA predictably claims that if we don’t want our subways grinding to a halt at the slightest drizzle it’ll need, in a direct quote, “an enormous amount of money.” Great. [NYDN]
• And, there’s a rain outside and a flash flood warning out for today, so, you know, don’t go anywhere or do anything. We’re doomed! [amNY]