The Islamofascist Handbook


• To aid in terrorism surveillance, the NYPD has released a jihadi version of The Preppy Handbook, detailing how average Muslim schlubs morph into Islamic terrorists. Grow a beard, renounce booze and broads, play paintball war games, dis the U.S. a lot — you know the drill. [NYDN]

• Even after releasing the report that brought the mighty Guv Spitz and his minions down from their reformist heights, Attorney General Cuomo says he’s “surprised” to find that people are afraid of him. How adorably disingenuous. [NYS]
• It’s nice to know that as the real-estate market tanks nationwide, sales are booming in Manhattan, thanks to Euros and Asians capitalizing on a weak dollar, Wall Street megabonuses and, of course, the Big Apple’s evergreen sheen — now shinier than ever! [amNY]
• Ex-NBA referee Tim Donaghy pleaded guilty in Brooklyn federal court to betting, and giving tips to friends, on games he officiated. He now must rat out other shady NBAers and faces 25 years in prison and a half-mil fine. [NYP]
• And in Englewood, New Jersey, incoming high-school freshmen are being asked to pick a major. It’s unclear whether they’ll also have to pledge a frat, put on fifteen pounds, and engage in binge-drinking after exams. [NYT]