The Mayor, His Wife, His Press Secretary, and His ‘Very Good Friend’

We’ve been reading a lot about Rudy Giuliani lately. There was that Voice piece yesterday on why his kids are right to hate him. There’s the New Yorker profile we finally got around to reading last night (and which seemed only to provide a Steinbergian New Yorker’s View of Rudy to the rest of the country — was there anything in it, other than that his father, in addition to being a small-time gangster, was also a mean disciplinarian, that you didn’t already know?). And there’s the Harper’s cover we’ve been looking at on our coffee table for a week or so now, though we can’t quite bring ourselves to crack it.

Inundated as we’ve been with this Rudiana, we went to YouTube this morning, hoping to find the press conference at which the then-mayor informed the world, and his wife, that he would be divorcing her. (Which, as we hazily recall, was some pretty great TV.) Or maybe the press conference at which his wife, Donna Hanover, fought back, mentioning that their marriage had long ago become untenable, about the time he started, she suggested, shtupping his press secretary. Sadly, however, we found clips of neither. (Oh, YouTube. How You disappoint!) We did, however, find a 2002 NY1 segment laying out the whole, messy Rudy-and-Donna-and-Christyne-and-Judith history — including small snippets from those two press conferences. Plus some bonus Raoul Felder invective! And pictures of Judi! Fun!

Rudy Giuliani — News Report from 2002 [YouTube]
Mayberry Man [NYer]
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