This Year’s Public Art to Camp Out on Roosevelt Island

If you’ve been finding 2007 a little disappointing, what with its lack of any major public-art projects for the city to obsess over, boy have we got some good news for you. “The Encampment” is set to hit Roosevelt Island in October, as we learned today. Best we can tell — the project’s Website is written in a language that closely resembles English but makes little sense — Toronto-based artist Thom Sokoloski plans to erect 100 nineteenth-century-style tents at the southern tip of the island, light them from within, and encourage people to look at the things at night, when observers on either side of the East River will be best able to enjoy the installation’s “symmetries.” “The Encampment proposes the archaeological encampment as its metaphor,” and, hey, who doesn’t like watching a good metaphor?

The Encampment [Official site via Curbed]