Wait, Somebody Had to Sell His Helicopter? Now This Is Getting Really Bad.

• Paranoid Fox News host John Gibson believes “the war on Gibson is real,” thus solidifying our own belief – in awesomeness. [Radar]
• Rumors of a purge at Alpha Media, formerly Dennis Publishing, were greatly exaggerated. Stuff’s staff is tiny, only 16 of 34 were let go, and the survivors were rewarded with summer Friday’s for the first time ever. [NYP]
• Meet Publish2, a social-networking site for journalists. Or maybe they should call it Facebook2. [Folio]

• Bear Stearns cut 240 jobs in their mortgage department, none of them in New York. But it may not be long before the pink slips start hitting Wall Street. [Bloomberg]
• John Devaney forced to sell his Sikorsky helicopter and Colorado home with collapse of debt markets. Aw – he couldn’t take out a mortgage on them?
• John Edwards’s cronies at Fortress are now foreclosing on Katrina victims. Put that in your hair and comb it. [CNN]

• Top litigators gathered to discuss the first term of the Roberts court. Their verdict: Justice Kennedy is the real man in charge. Ooh! Muffled snap! [Law Blog/WSJ]
• The potential bankruptcy of Countrywide, the nation’s leading mortgage lender, might be a disaster for investors, but it would be a bonanza for lawyers. [DealBook/NYT]