Anthony Marshall Wasn't Always So Sure of Mom's Sanity

Mmmm. This is awkward. Anthony Marshall, who has been making such a fuss about his late mother Brooke Astor's mental clarity in the years before her death, was revealed yesterday to actually have questioned her sanity as early as 2000. That year he wrote a worried letter to a doctor saying, "she is delusional at times" and would get lost on her own Maine property, which she'd owned for decades. This was over a year before Astor signed a codicil to her will that would leave Marshall with millions more dollars after her death, an act that Marshall has been insisting was done with full mental clarity. Oopsie! That's going to hurt his side of the battle for her money. Still, it's sort of nice to have proof that at some point, Marshall was worried about his mother's well-being.

Astor's Son Faces Letter of the Law [NYP]