Emmy Rossum Combats Impending Irrelevance With New Music Video

When Emmy Rossum blossomed onto the New York scene in 2004, with her starring roles in Phantom of the Opera and The Day After Tomorrow (she got to make out with Patrick Wilson, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Gerard Butler all in one year, the harlot), it was an exciting day for preppy teenage girls. Here at last was a role model: She wasn’t a party girl, she studied opera and dance as a child, and she looked hella good in a Ralph Lauren dress (in fact, that’s all she seems to know how to wear). The girl went to Spence, for Tiffany’s sake! She was perfect. But predictably, mainstream pop culture wasn’t ready for such an iconoclast, so she faded away into general socialite-dom. Until now! Rossum is back with a new music video, and boy is it … um … ethereal. Rossum’s new album, which owes a substantial creative debt to Enya, is described as “ambient pop.” When you listen to it, you’ll forgive us for being so tempted to make a reprehensible “popping Ambien” pun.

Emmy Rossum “Slow Me Down” Music Video [Just Jared]