Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld Are a Little Gross

Anderson Cooper talks to his young gay friends about AIDS. Jerry Seinfeld brags about the time Jessica Seinfeld touched a stick covered in urine to his bed pillow. Meanwhile, ex-Seinfeld producer Larry David couldn’t be happier he’s lost the ball and chain. Liz Smith finds Charlie Sheen more palatable than Denise Richards. Notorious PR pit bull Pat Kingsley has “FINALLY” resigned from PMK-HBH — or is she being “pushed out?” Donald Trump called both Mark Cuban and Dan Rather “losers” in the same day. That is, like, his favorite word.

Jerry Seinfeld has never watched his former co-star Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s sitcom, The New Adventures of the Old Christine. Jackass’ Steve-O says La Lohan stole a bag of coke from him. Bono and the Edge are pushing ahead with their Broadway-musical version of Spider-Man. A woman fainted when Usher walked into the room during his fragrance launch. Christie Turlington has Lyme disease. Or does she? Ben Affleck took his daughter, Violet, to the Children’s Museum of Manhattan.