Katie Couric Orders Takeout From Iraq

Oscar de la Renta doesn’t want any socialites at his Fashion Week show because they never actually buy his clothes. (Also, some models for Marc Jacobs are annoyed that he tapped The Hills star Lauren Conrad to stomp the catwalk for him). Kate Hudson is trying to get in touch with Owen Wilson, but has been rebuffed. New York Ranger Sean Avery claims he dumped Elisha Cuthbert, and not the other way around. East Village hipster hangout Mo Pitkin’s House of Satisfaction is for sale for $5.5 million. Tommy Lee may or may not have had sex with a blonde girl in a room full of people at Dune in the Hamptons. Katie Couric placed an Italian food takeout order for her daughters in New York from Iraq.

Brad Pitt thinks he’s losing his looks, is aware that some people find him and his wife “self-consciously pious,” does not like Paris Hilton, and wants more kids. Nicole Kidman admitted she was engaged, albeit briefly, and maybe to Lenny Kravitz, after her breakup with Tom Cruise and before her marriage to Keith Urban. Jaime Foxx had his bodyguard commandeer an elevator for him at the Four Seasons in LA because he didn’t want to ride it with anyone else. Paul McCartney and Renee Zellweger are still hanging out. Jerry Lewis accidentally dropped a gay slur on national TV, and is sorry about it. Lou Dobbs’ daughter fell off her horse at the Hampton Classic Grand Prix, but was okay. Drew Barrymore made out with Justin Long in Vegas while Cameron Diaz played third wheel. Can your PC do that? Google CEO Eric Schmidt got his ladyfriend Marcy Simon a job at the company’s office in West Chelsea. Ellen Barkin jokingly made out with a friend in front of some paparazzi. Several prominent journos may have been busted for drugs at NoHo gay hangout Mr. Black on Friday. Rudy Giuliani thought The Nanny Diaries was “cute.” Mischa Barton wants to be a Bond girl.