Leo DiCaprio Has Your Back

At Upstairs in Soho, Leonardo DiCaprio had the back of Danny A after the club promoter got into an altercation with a patron. New York Yankee Joba Chamberlain celebrated his 22nd birthday at the Plumm by drinking Red Bull with a bunch of teammates. Tom Touchet, who was a producer at the Today show until he was forced out by Katie Couric, may have to work with her again now that he’s at CBS. The Scores stripper who sold pictures of Oscar De La Hoya in drag regrets having done so for only $70,000. Derek Jeter sat near Hilary Duff at Megu Midtown. French soprano Natalie Dessay, star of the Met’s Lucia di Lammermoor, understands why a lot of people think opera is boring. George Clooney, girlfriend Sarah Larson, and a group of friends dined downstairs at La Esquina.

A bigmouthed extra on the upcoming Indiana Jones flick broke his NDA and discussed the film with his hometown paper (Spielberg isn’t happy. Click here for the spoilers!) Charlie Sheen claims that ex-wife Denise Richards tried to befriend his current fiancée, Brook Mueller, in a roundabout way of winning him back. Britney Spears’s bodyguard claims she has a penchant for driving into oncoming traffic. Ann Coulter wants a fatwa, à la Salman Rushdie. Norman Mailer’s wife wrote her first novel. Heath Ledger and a buddy tried to get two girls back to his apartment in Soho from the Beatrice Inn. Paris Hilton has shacked up with a 22-year-old Swedish tourist who, before he met her, was living in a $27-a-night hostel. At a $47 million apartment on Fifth Avenue, a Goldman Sachs employee and an Oppenheimer sales trader weighed in for November 1’s Extell Wall Street Boxing Charity Championship. Prince Charles’s wife, Camilla, has advised Kate Middleton to slow down and not be pushy regarding her relationship with Prince William. Lindsay Lohan is set to leave rehab in Utah. Henry Kissinger is happy he’s living in the West during the “decline of Western civilization.”