Mayor Bloomberg Smooches Janice Min

Danny Fields, manager of Iggy Pop and the Ramones, filed a $100-million suit against Out magazine for making him seem like a pedophile. Heath Ledger crashed a party at the Bowery Hotel with three Australian friends and drank champagne. Mayor Bloomberg kissed Janice Min after Us Weekly named him one of the 25 Most Stylish New Yorkers. Kanye West bailed on gigs at the Today show, Letterman, and TRL because he doesn’t think he needs to promote his new album. Jennifer Hudson will play Sarah Jessica Parker’s assistant in the Sex and the City movie. Wilmer Valderrama took Mandy Moore shopping for blazers at Saks. Damien Hirst didn’t know who the Olsen twins were before they came to his party at the Prada store on Friday.

Pete Wentz and Joe Simpson got into a scuffle with bouncers at a Vegas club after Ashlee Simpson was inadvertently shoved against a wall. TMZ managing editor Harvey Levin interviewed Larry Birkhead on CNN during Larry King’s time slot, and wouldn’t let anyone call in who would contradict him. A reporter overheard Angelina Jolie telling a friend that she makes all the important financial decisions in her relationship with Brad, and that there are times he knows “he should just be quiet and look pretty.” Owen Wilson has hired a $750-a-day “sober companion” instead of going to rehab. Kate Moss is trying to build a pub near her country house outside London, but local authorities won’t let her. Sleeper Cell and CSI: Miami actress Susan Pari is an associate of cooked Dem fund-raiser Norman Hsu. W Magazine coined the coterie of lesbian Hollywood power players the “Rubyfruit Mafia.” TV ads for Diddy’s “Unforgivable” fragrance were deemed too racy by MTV execs, though he’s thus far refused to edit them. Naomi Campbell and British race car driver Lewis Hamilton may be dating. Shockingly, producers of The Hills sometimes instruct cast members to do things they wouldn’t ordinarily do. Timbaland tried to pay for (free) Prada shoes given to him at the MTV VMA suites. Lorne Michaels is creating a show for Vegas.