RIP Luke & Leroy, Birthplace of MisShapes

Ironic that just as the MisShapes book publishes, the club where the weekly party took off has gone under. Luke & Leroy's former co-owner Dino Minelli confirms that there will be no more taco parties, panty parties, or parties of any sort, in what Jarvis Cocker, in his intro to the MisShapes book called "a low-ceilinged, sweaty, black box of a room filled with people of every colour, sexual-orientation, height, weight, dress-sense (or non-sense) imaginable." Minelli has sold his share of the club and moved to Philly, where he plans to open a new spot in November. He writes us, "My crazy partner Elaine was ruining biz by making foolish decisions. I wanted no part of it anymore… It has been sold to a guy who I introduced to her and he is renovating it and renaming or something." With neighbor Movida also dead and gone, where will all the cool kids go? Philly? —Daniel Maurer