Roger Stone, Desperate for a Second Act, Turns to Criticism

Roger Stone

Roger Stone already looks smug - so maybe he
would make a good theater critic.Photo: AP

Today disgraced GOP consultant Roger Stone tried to take his lemons and make, well, sour grapes. On his Website, “The Stone Zone” (yep, that’s right), he posts a review of the show Frost/Nixon. You know, the one he was supposedly attending the night he allegedly made deranged phone calls to Eliot Spitzer’s dad? Yeah, the play that he actually couldn’t have seen because it was dark that night. Well, anyway, he did see it, and he has this to say: “I highly recommend the play to Governor Eliot Spitzer because it underlines the dangers hubris and the inexorable web a public official tangles himself in when he tells a lie. Since the play has closed I hope the Governor can catch a revival.” Well. It took him three weeks to come up with that spin? Let’s hope the Republicans weren’t paying him that much.

Roger Stone: The Stone Zone [Official Site] via [Gawker] and [Room8]
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