Sarah Silverman to Explore the Joys of Blackface

Some people allege that Kelly Klein, 50, is too old to have a baby via a surrogate mom, and must have gotten an egg from a donor. A crazy Italian lady made a lunge for Brad Pitt at the Venice Film Festival, and “Page Six” has the video! (Also, Pitt’s two-hour-and-40-minute Assassination of Jesse James is too long.) Sarah Silverman goes blackface in the next season of her show. John Edwards and Russell Simmons did yoga together. Mariah Carey’s ex-manager claims that she owes him money. David LaChappelle hates Madonna, Gwen Stefani, and Christina Aguilera, and won’t work with them. Heather Graham sings and plays guitar in her upcoming movie.

A London musical about the Rolling Stones was panned by critics. Tony Randall’s widow sold his Central Park West co-op for $17.5 million (Randall bought it in the eighties for less than $900,000). Danny DeVito is having a launch party for his limoncello line at the Friars Club. Chuck Scarborough’s longest-lasting female relationship has been with WNBC co–anchor Sue Simmons. Bob Marley’s daughter is not pleased that some of her father’s tunes will soon be Verizon ringtones.