Scores Stripper Not So Sure About Drag De La Hoya

The Scores stripper who had the photos of Oscar De La Hoya in drag is now saying she cannot “personally verify the authenticity of the images,” likely because she was threatened by De La Hoya’s lawyer. Lever House owner and real-estate mogul Abe Rosen is forcing tenants (including art collector Robert Wilson) out of his nine-story building at 67 Vestry Street to turn it into a luxury condo building. Miss USA Rachel Smith says she wants to be taken seriously as a TV reporter and not “end up like Katie Couric.” Donald Trump denied having once punched his second-grade music teacher, despite having written about the story in a book. Bruce Willis and his eight-person entourage were denied entry to Socialista at 3 a.m. Ivanka Trump’s jewelry line predictably does not include diamond grills. Dates with some hot firefighters are being auctioned off for charity at Turtle Bay Lounge tonight.

The Las Vegas promoter who offered Kid Rock and Tommy Lee $1 million to fight has now raised $5 million. Newly blonde O.J. prosecutor Marcia Clark probably had plastic surgery. Mariah Carey’s bodyguards are rude, and Vanessa Carleton doesn’t like being mistaken for Avril Lavigne. Vanilla Ice is being arraigned in West Palm Beach for driving with an expired license. Laurie David gets testy if you ask her about her own carbon footprint. Jenna Bush jokingly complained to her hairdresser in D.C. that her engagement ring wasn’t big enough. PETA sent Kentucky Fried Chicken some protest pens. James Blunt offered a line of cocaine to a New York Daily News reporter, perhaps in jest. Paz de la Huerta made a drunken spectacle of herself at the Beatrice Inn. NBA star Elton Brand hung out next to the Gossip Girls at Marquee. Alex Rodriguez and his wife signed autographs outside of the Buckley School.