‘Sex and the City’ Movie (Spoiler Alert!) Action Uptown

Remember how, in Sex and the City, Charlotte couldn't get pregnant, and the fact that she was just like dying to gestate and have a slimy little person burst out of her like she was some kind of animal became this whole wretched plotline? And she tried substituting that ridiculous dog, and then in the show's final episode, Harry buys her a Chinese baby? Well, apparently that wasn't enough for Miss Goody Two Shoes. A reader sent Daily Intel this little tidbit from the Sex and the City movie, which started shooting yesterday: "I saw a location shoot on 70th and Lex, with Mr. Big and Charlotte standing on the sidewalk of an outdoor café and Charlotte looking extremely pregnant, like nine months plus." The sighting confirms reports from people we know who have read the script, which says that Charlotte becomes pregnant with her own baby at last. But what does this mean? Is the baby Big's? And what will Charlotte do with her Chinese baby? We hear they don't take returns!