Space Snake Vies for Attention Against Simpson's Bra at ‘W’ Party

Jessica Simpson spent some time showing off her bra during W magazine’s New York Affair Party at the Chelsea Arts Tower last night, so it's no wonder stars of a lesser wattage had to amp up the antics to get attention. Gabe Saporta, of the band Cobra Starship (remember the jumpy theme song from Snakes on a Plane?) eagerly told us about the etymology of his band name. "We're from different time periods and from the future," he told Daily Intel. "See what happened was there was a cobra that came back from the future and taught me how to make beats, taught me how to dance, and told me to build a starship in honor of the spacecraft that brought him back from the future to find me." The cobra, apparently, has an important lesson: "The message is for hipsters to stop taking themselves so seriously and stop being pussies. " Smart snake. We asked him what his most embarrassing party moment was, but he wouldn't say because his mother reads New York. So what did she say when she heard he was receiving messages from an intergalactic snake from the future? "That's nice, dear." —Maggie Gray