The Donald Celebrates Trump Soho Sales

Despite the continuing possibility of a lawsuit from Soho Alliance to try to stop its progress, Donald Trump celebrated the first day of sales in his evolving West Soho condo-hotel project today, riding up the side of the building on an external hoist (with a red carpet, natch, but without a hard hat). A gaggle of protesters gathered outside, led by Andrew Berman, executive director of the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation. They argued that the high building will change the character of the hood, but everyone was too high up to listen. Atop the project, Eric Trump dutifully explained the rules of the 400-unit, 45-story tower: You can buy a unit but can only use it for a set number of days each month, renting it out the rest of the time. The Donald promised he'd have no trouble finding buyers — "We have over 3,200 applications," he crowed. Ivanka can't wait to start selling, either. "The receptionist constantly hands me memos from people asking," she crowed. "And now we can start to process them." Evidently the Trump Organization has no Instant Messenger. Architect Gary Handel defended the tower in a caucus with reporters: The rooftop swimming pool and street-level arcade, he said, can become modern-day "salons" for city dwellers and provide welcome spark to a dreary stretch of Spring Street. For his part, The Donald took it to the tawdry place: "Who's coming to the party tonight?" he said from the stage. "Tribeca Rooftop, everyone's invited. Britney Spears will be escorted by OJ Simpson!" —Alec Appelbaum