The Lohans: Reunited and It Feels So Sober

Demi Moore freaked out at the Miss Sixty fashion show when she found out her driver couldn’t bring her car around. Kathleen Wiley thinks the Clintons stole a manuscript of her new book, which she says contains information that could damage Hillary’s presidential bid. A photo of jet-riding “Money Honey” Maria Bartiromo and husband Jonathan Steinberg in Hamptons magazine happens to be opposite an ad titled, “Planning on Having an Affair?” Liza Minelli will sing the national anthem before the U.S. Open men’s final because everyone else will be at the VMAs. Vanessa Hudgins’s rep confirmed that the nude photo of her that’s making the rounds is authentic. Kim Porter may still love Diddy, exhibited by the fact that she gazed into his eyes at Tenjune.

Pamela Anderson has shacked up with Paris Hilton pornographer Rick Solomon. Celebrities like Amanda Peet, Sienna Miller, and Ashlee Simpson have been going to Fashion Week after-parties. Russell Crowe’s co-stars on 3:10 to Yuma think he’s a “sweetheart,” but were less enthused about Christian Bale. Buzz Aldrin wants to colonize Mars. Perry Ellis designer John Crocco had a “wild, wild weekend” at the Pines on Fire Island before Fashion Week. Larry David thinks he’d beat Jerry Seinfeld in tennis because he’s a better athlete. Andre Agassi had lunch at “21.” Michael Lohan had a reunion with Lindsay at Cirque Lodge treatment center in Utah. Bam Margera and his wife had a spat outside an Entertainment Weekly party at the Soho Grand. (They left after Jessica Simpson, who Bam claims to have slept with, showed up). Kanye West and Sean Penn rode the elevator together at the Mercer Hotel. Mario Cantone had doubts regarding the likeability of his character on Sex and the City until he read a fan poll which had him as the most popular after the four leading ladies.