Why Does Peter Kalikow Have a $1 Million Ferrari?

Billionaire financiers Stephen Schwarzman and Henry Kravis don’t like each other, and refuse to socialize at billionaire financier-type events. Speaking of billionaire financiers, Jeffrey Epstein hired former Whitewater special prosecutor Ken Starr to help defend him against charges that he solicited prostitutes. Tim Gunn claims that he wasn’t allowed to reference Project Runway in his book for fear of being sued by publisher (and Runway co-producer) Weinstein & Co. MTA chairman Peter Kalikow’s $1 million Ferrari sustained $32,000 in damage in transit from Zurich to New York last may. James Gandolfini says we should “shit or get off the pot” regarding Iraq, and wants to reinstate the draft. Some designers are angry that Ralph Lauren is hoarding models for his Saturday show.

$250 million man David Beckham may not play another minute this season because of his bum knee. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s brother-in-law Bobby Shriver may run for governor after Arnold leaves office. Shaquille O’Neal wants his wife’s finances investigated, the couple’s divorce papers say. Newly single Michelle Williams had a girls’ night out on Sunday at Union Hall in Park Slope. A British photog is claiming that Jude Law assaulted him and called him a pedophile. Busta Rhymes has four jury trials coming up in New York, ranging from assault to drunk driving. Gore master Rob Zombie wants to start making movies like The Station Agent. Matt Damon doesn’t travel with a bodyguard. Adrian Grenier flirted with two models at the Beatrice Inn. Cindy Adams thinks Owen Wilson tried to off himself because he thought he wasn’t good enough for Kate Hudson.