Anna Wintour à la Mode

Zut Alors! The French are just as crazy for Anna Wintour as we are! Today’s “Thursday Styles” introduces us to our new favorite show, Signe Anna!, in which two extremely excitable Frenchies follow everyone’s favorite Vogue editor around to fashion shows with a grainy handheld camera, eventually catching her out for wearing the exact same outfit twice in one week. SCANDALE! We haven’t loved European TV this much since Jean Paul Gaultier’s dearly departed Eurotrash, which peaked when it featured naked New Age Germans walking on their hands and eating their own poo. Click the above image to see it (Signe Anna, not the poo-eating Germans). Oh, and it doesn’t even matter if you don’t speak French — it’s still easier to understand than it is to wrap your mind around the cracked-out online show Atoosa Rubenstein is doing.

Sacré Bleu! The Stalking of an Editor [NYT]