Anna Wintour Has Great Weekend, Just As Rachel Zoe’s Goes Suspiciously Poorly

Anna Wintour

Photo: Getty Images

Crain’s ranked New York’s top 100 most powerful women yesterday, and there weren’t many surprises. Defying Keith Kelly’s best efforts to ruin Ann Moore’s weekend, the Time Inc. CEO found herself in the “Power 25,” right near the top. Joining her there were usual media suspects, like Hearst’s Cathleen Black, HarperCollins’s Jane Friedman, and the TimesJanet Robinson. Oh, yeah, and Vogue’s Anna Wintour. You remember her, the one has-been Hollywood stylist Rachel Zoe said was less “influential” than herself?

As we recall, Zoe told the Times Magazine, “As great as it is, Vogue won’t change a designer’s business.” The obvious opposite-of-truth-iness of that theory aside, we imagine Zoe has by now realized the folly of implying that Wintour is not powerful. The stylist was dumped by her agency this week, reports the Post. Not because Anna told them to fire her, but because they were so afraid that Anna might possibly think something bad about them that they dropped Zoe like a hot potato (well, maybe a hot raisin.) Which is really making us rethink the fact that we brought up that whole thing about Anna’s lips.

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