Atlantic City Mayor Bob Levy Resigns, Has Only Been Missing for About Two Weeks

At last, peace is restored to the anarchy-ravaged Atlantic City. Mayor Robert “Bob” Levy, MIA for over two weeks, has officially resigned, CNN tells us. The exact reasons for Levy's abrupt vanishing act are still unclear, but everyone can agree on the big picture: Not only did the mayor get caught in a huge lie about his supposed Green Beret past, he's also under federal investigation for receiving fraudulent benefits for the fictional stint. As we've already noted, Levy will fit right in with the rogue's gallery of Atlantic City mayors: Two out of the last five people to hold the job ended up in jail, and Bob looks like a strong contender to be the third. Of course, they'll need to find the dude first. Levy is still nowhere to be seen; the news of the resignation came via his attorney, Edwin Jacobs, who clearly has a few interesting weeks ahead of him.

Lawyer: Mayor Resigns After Disappearance [CNN]

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