Bill Clinton Did Not Even See Shakira This Weekend

Shakira shook her lower body vehemently during her performance of "Hips Don’t Lie" at Saturday night's MTV-produced event for Bill Clinton's Global Initiative Conference, but Clinton, sitting front-row center, would not oblige her by looking, at least not in public. Instead, he focused hard on Wyclef Jean. Lest we forget, Bubba is all about the music. "I’ve always wanted to play the Apollo," he admitted later. "I’ve been invited to play amateur night a number of times, but I’m afraid. If the audience doesn’t like you, they actually take a hook and pull you off!" Ha! It's not like the White House, is it then? But Clinton was distracted by MTV News personality Sway, who walked by wearing a Rasta hat and dreadlocks. Apparently the two men had bonded earlier in the evening. “I thought we were going to talk more about hair grooming,” Clinton asked Sway plaintively. “You could grow the locks, man,” Sway said, regarding the president's tufty white head. "It’ll change your life.” Clinton laughed. "I think it's too late for that," he said. Don't be silly, Bill! It's never too late for a new look!Jada Yuan