Broken Hipster

Angela Boatwright is “still not able to mentally deal with” the fact that her roommate, musician and artist Meagan Alwood, broke her pelvis back in late September when, “after a fun night” she fell through a gap in the spiral staircase in their Lower East Side apartment, down three stories onto a concrete floor. Naturally, she didn’t have health insurance. (Who does?) But according to Boatwright, friends are supposed to “take care of each other.” Which is why she, along with other friends and fellow scenesters — Shelly Zander-Baker, a fit model for Marc Jacobs; photographer Alain Levitt; Brody Baker; and Kama Geary — got a few of their famous artist friends contribute to an art auction at Max Fish to raise funds for Alwood’s medical bills. Kenneth Capello, Dash Snow, Leo Fitzpatrick, and Spike Jonze were among the 40 who contributed photos, and not half-assed Polaroids either — good ones featuring Mafiosos with guns and famous people like Björk and Rachel Weisz. Raffle tickets went for $5 to $10 dollars for Marc Jacobs bags and tattoos — again, not the crappy kind, two hours’ worth of ink. “You could get your whole back for that!” marveled one attendee. In celebration of its not being broken, perhaps. “She’s lucky to be alive,” photographer Mike Schreiber said. He had donated an image he took of Old Dirty Bastard: “The only one where he looked like he was human,” he said. ODB was always good to the ladies. Janine Armin