Clinton’s Party Guru Also Likes Ladies

Bill Clinton buddy Amed Kahn threw a party at Tenjune for Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim’s son that consisted of 30 models and five guys. Greenhouse, New York’s first-ever “green” nightclub, gets an eco-preview tonight in Paris. Tory Burch and Lance Armstrong amicably broke up because they lived too far apart from one another. Sean Penn, John McEnroe, and Lance Armstrong hung out at the Soho House bar. Artist Geoffrey Raymond’s latest Wall Street–inspired work depicts Maria Bartiromo as the Virgin Mary. The New York City Partnership power breakfast caused so much commotion outside the American Express headquarters that many CEOs had to walk a few blocks just to get in. Alex Rodriguez and his wife are expecting another kid.

Brad Pitt says he does charity work because he’s “a member of the human race,” not because Angelia Jolie does. A Circuit City clerk denied John Mayer use of his AmEx Black Card because he didn’t have I.D. Don Felder’s bandmates in the Eagles prevented his dishy tell-all from being published in America, but it will still be released in Britain. Some adult sites are claiming that they have an Eva Longoria sex tape, despite the fact that it’s just a spoof she did for Will Farrell’s Website. Sly Stallone says the carnage he saw in Burma while filming the latest Rambo sequel was reminiscent of a “hellhole.” Paparazzi were so aggressive in snapping picture of Winona Ryder at a Fashion Week show in Milan that Anna Wintour had to switch seats. Natalia Vodianova walked for Valentino in Paris just three weeks after giving birth to her third child. Bar Refaeli is happy she dodged her mandatory stint in the Israeli army because she got to model and date Leonardo DiCaprio instead. Beyoncé and her mom had seafood lasagne and crab cakes at Shelly’s on West 57th Street. Art dealer Larry Salander is justifying selling a Caravaggio for $100 million because it’s worth more than “anything from the contemporary field of junk.” Ann Coulter has a new book out, and it’s full of such zingers as “President Bush is evidently the first mentally retarded person to get a Harvard M.B.A.”