Derek Jeter Hearts Gabrielle Union

Sex and the City spoiler alert! Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big tie the knot at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Cameron Diaz and new fling Bradley Cooper spent a romantic weekend going to the SNL after-party at Primehouse and hanging out on the sideline of the Giants game. Denise Rich is throwing a party aboard her yacht in New York Harbor for those who donated to her cancer foundation. Richard Prince sent a sincere thank-you note to after the site’s critic panned his Guggenheim show. Derek Jeter’s current flame is Gabrielle Union. David Blaine tried to hypnotize some exotic dancers at Tens. Kelly Ripa ate on the Upper West Side without makeup. James Gandolfini honked at Secret Service near the Four Seasons in his Mercedes.

Jailed boy-band tycoon Lou Pearlman may also be a seriously perverted pedophile. David Hans Schmidt, the smut peddler who pleaded guilty to trying to extort Tom Cruise for $1 million, committed suicide. A new book confirms that the Clintons and the Gores are not fans of each other, in part because Bill has privately belittled Al, and Hillary once solicited Senate campaign donations in front of Tipper. Carl Bernstein played an impromptu guitar concert in Rio. George Clooney says he’ll drop the beard after he’s done filming his next movie, but he’ll never stop riding motorcycles. Sacha Baron Cohen wants to remake the Peter Sellars classic The Party (also, he’s about to become — or may already be — a father). Mike Tyson was actually the best man at the wedding of billionaire real-estate developer Jeffrey Greene and Mei Sze Chan.