The Marching of the Dogs

Confession: We’re obsessive dog people. Like, we stop on the street and coo at dogs the way some people do with babies. So we were thrilled to go to Tompkins Square Park's annual Halloween dog parade this past weekend, where dogs dressed as bumblebees, chickens, pumpkins, and even personalities like Queen Elizabeth competed for an annual prize (eventually taken by Una, a Boston terrier dressed as a millipede, above). Passing through the throngs of puppies, we were feeling pretty good. Then we saw a British bulldog tarted up as Britney Spears, with humanoid representations of Jayden James and Sean Preston strapped to its furry, fatty back, and we knew we were home. —Julie Gerstein

Puppy 1

Puppy Britney Spears. Photo: Getty Images

Puppy 2

The Queen; Hef and the Bunnies. Photo: Julie Gerstein

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