Eliot Spitzer Is Sarah Jessica Parker to Andrew Cuomo's Kim Cattrall

When the Observer witnessed Governor Eliot Spitzer allegedly snubbing Attorney General Andrew Cuomo yesterday by walking out of a State Democratic Party meeting without saying hello to him, we thought it was a little bit of a stretch to say that the two were having a tiff. Cuomo was quick to downplay it, too, telling the reporters after the event, "I don't think there is a rivalry." But then today, Spitzer really threw it down. When asked by reporters whether he was "friends" with the Cuomo, he replied, "I have lots of friends." Now some people may not think that answer carries particular meaning. Those people never participated in the cultural phenomenon we like to call "middle school." For the rest of us, Spitzer might as well have dropped trou and mooned Cuomo for the cameras. "Maybe they're more like Facebook friends," Times scribe Nicholas Confessore mused. To which we ruminate, "Maybe this whole mess is about to get way more awesome."

Maybe They're More Like Facebook Friends [City Room/NYT]