How About Some Gargoyles for Your Halloween?

Bay Ridge: If you see lots of nooses tonight, don’t bug out and call Rev. Al. It’s Halloween, people — the night when nooses are exempt from Jim Crow overtones. [Bay Ridge Rover]
Harlem: Did you know that the gargoyles on this old building tell a story about chicken soup? Check them out, ‘cause they’re plenty creepy-lookin’ for the holiday. [The Weblicist]
Hell’s Kitchen: Does the forbidding of a sax player from practicing in his apartment signal the morphing of Manhattan Plaza from an artists’ enclave to a yuppie one? [NYDN]

Upper East Side: An East 66th Street white-brick fifties apartment tower, once home to Grace Kelly and Benny Goodman, was one of 1,158 city buildings landmarked in fiscal ‘07, the largest number since 1990… [amNY]
Long Island City: …but a 1915 neoclassical bank building, recently torn down, was not among the landmarked, to the sudden chagrin of locals who wish they’d lobbied to save it. [Queens Crap]
Ocean Parkway: It’s one thing for Brooklynites who live in old Victorians to claim their houses are haunted, but we’re not sure if claims from folks who live in sixties-era apartments on the Parkway have quite the same cred. Ghosts have taste, too, you know. [Ditmas Park Blog]
Park Slope: The trap-neuter-return training program to help feral cats, previously available only in uptown Manhattan, comes to the food co-op November 3. Meow-riffic! [Newyorkshitty]