How High Can Walentas Go In Cobble Hill?

Cobble Hill: Whether Dave Walentas gets to build ten feet higher than the limit in the historic district here is no trivial matter. [Curbed]
East Village: How dare this woman feel so secure around here that she leaves her bike unlocked? Would someone please steal it to teach her a lesson? [Vanishing New York]
Gravesend: Sears Tower co-owner Joseph Cayre just sold his home here, an enclave of rich Syrian Jews, for $10 million, the second-highest price ever for a Brooklyn crib. [Real Deal]

Park Slope: The city’s warning of a $300 graffiti fine will not stop this 6-year-old insta-celeb from doodling with chalk on the sidewalk in front of her house. Tagger tot! [Brooklyn Paper]
Ridgewood: More than 100 hipsters were evicted from their loft building last night after the city deemed the structure unsafe. Arcade Fire in the shelters! [NYDN via Queens Crap]
South Bronx: Residents at a new solar-powered affordable development here owe it all to Owen Wilson. Sort of. [Ecorazzi]
Tribeca: The wood floors reportedly will squeak on purpose at Robert De Niro’s new Greenwich Hotel. Asks this bitchy blogger: “Are these nails sticking up for that little extra touch of realism?” [Living With Legends]