It's Not That the Judge Is Angry at Andrew Cuomo, He's Just Disappointed

Yesterday Anthony Scarpino, the judge overseeing the Brooke Astor estate, shamed Andrew Cuomo for holding up the distribution of her trust while his office waits for the grand-jury probe which will decide whether Anthony Marshall took advantage of his mom. "You know she's dead, right?" he said. "We're never going to get a real answer!" Kidding! He didn't say that. What he did say, according to the Daily News, was that he was "very disappointed" that it was taking everyone so long to get it together and that he thought they were being very selfish to the charities who were waiting patiently for their windfall.

"It's going to cost the charities a lot of money," Scarpino warned. "I feel we were very close [to settling]. I am very, very disappointed that we haven't been able to close that gap."

Then he sent them to their rooms to think about what they'd done.

Judge Says Family Feud Over Wills Will Hurt Astor's Charities [NYDN]