It’s the Circle, the Circle of Homeless Life…

Coney Island: Is it really any surprise that arguably the creepiest Halloween freak show in the city is here? [Kinetic Carnival]
Corona: The city has evicted rent-stabilized tenants to make room for homeless families, leaving the original families … uh, homeless. [NYDN via Queens Crap]
Dumbo: The Village Voice thinks this is the Best Manhattan Neighborhood in Brooklyn, and it even comes with that all-important “nostalgic desolation” that Manhattan now lacks. [VV]

East Village: Webster Hall, home to everyone from radical Emma Goldman to clubgoing B&T trash since it was erected in 1886, is up for landmark status. Holla. [Gothamist]
Hell’s Kitchen: Adam Honigman, who hectored neighbors about doing their bit for the local community garden, has died. [Hells’s Kitchen NYC]
Kensington: The finalists for Official Neighborhood Slogan are in, such as “Just Blocks From the Ocean … Parkway.” Get it? Those clever Kensingtonians! [Brownstoner]
Prospect Lefferts: You mean some people demolished their stoop without considering the impact on the street’s historic patina? How could they stoop so low? [Across the Park]