J.Lo’s Pregnancy Spoiler

Jennifer Lopez will supposedly announce that she’s pregnant during her show at MSG on Saturday night. Jessica Simpson’s people say she didn’t drink and dash at the Box — her friend just accidentally took the receipt slip with him. Rosie O’Donnell did an impromptu ten-minute stand-up set during a show by Roseanne Barr at Comix. (Rita Crosby was there, despite having been served a subpoena earlier in the day.) Mariah Carey doesn’t know how many bathrooms are in her Tribeca penthouse. Howard Stein, the nightlife honcho behind eighties hangouts Xenon and Rock Lounge, died at 62. The Port Authority says the quality of its toilet paper is much improved, contrary to what Larry David said on last week’s episode of Curb. GLAAD forced “Page Six” to apologize for calling the pre-op transsexual who has a reality show on Fox a “she-male.”

Barry Bonds’s mistress Kimberly Bell was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to pose for Playboy but hasn’t seen any of it because the man who brokered the deal (David Hans Schmidt) committed suicide. The girl that Brett Michaels selected to be his girlfriend on Rock of Love told him that she was going to date a Chicago clothing designer instead. Bob Dylan is very private, but he gave his blessing to filmmaker Todd Haynes for I’m Not There. Nicky Hilton will celebrate her 25th-birthday party at Vegas club LAX in the Luxor Hotel. Jennifer Aniston, Natalie Portman, and Orlando Bloom all attended the wedding of L.A. gay power couple Luc Brinker and Todd Diener in Mexico. Francesco Clemente signed a copy for his book for Salman Rushdie at Strand. Patricia Clarkson is sad that she had to film a movie in Toronto, which prevented her from hanging out in her new loft in New York.