Judd Apatow Gets the Last Laugh

Right before Undeclared was canceled in 2002, creator Judd Apatow sent a Fox executive a note saying, “I don’t understand how you can [bleep] me in the [bleep] when your [bleep] is still in me from last time.” Christian media-watchdog group Renaissance complained that the female anchors on Fox News wear really short skirts. While taping 30 Rock recently, Tracy Morgan didn’t know his lines, didn’t listen to the director, and got into arguments with cast members on set. Stifler from American Pie and Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite sent out an invitation for their joint birthday party at Room Service to a bunch of modeling agencies. Famed British chef Fergus Henderson is cooking at the Spotted Pig tomorrow. Penélope Cruz and new man Javier Bardem acted “touchy-feely” at the New York Film Festival.

Pamela Anderson referred to new husband Rick Salomon as “scum” and served guests cardboard cake at her wedding to the Paris Hilton pornographer in Vegas. Holly Madison, Hugh Hefner’s top girlfriend, is now Playboy’s junior photo editor and is looking for “natural bodies.” The film exec who blasted Lindsay Lohan for being “discourteous, irresponsible, and unprofessional” during the filming of Georgia Rule said he’d work with her again. Robin Williams joked that Svedka hosting Lindsay Lohan’s 21st-birthday party was like having Charles Manson cook at Benihana. Charlie Sheen once hacked up a blow-up doll and disposed of it as if it were a real body after two women refused to partake in a foursome with Sheen and the doll. Britney Spears missed her first supervised meeting with her sons because she mistakenly thought her house had been broken into. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are about to break ground on land they bought in Tennessee. Foxy Brown is still penning rhymes in jail, some of which are aimed at “Page Six.” The Dolans deny that a shakeup to Madison Square Management is coming, despite what was reported in the Post yesterday. Halle Berry is looking forward to becoming a working mom next year. Both Edie Falco and Chris Noth claim that they did not make much money from their respective HBO shows.