Ryan Gosling Keeps in Touch With His Sex-Doll Co-star

Part of the reason people love Ryan Gosling is that it's possible to suspect that in real life, he's a little bit adorably weird, just like the characters he plays. That's why it was exciting to catch up with him at the premiere of Lars and the Real Girl last night and realize that it's true. The film's plot follows Lars (Gosling) as he falls in love with a sex doll. Gosling told us he was nervous to work with his inanimate co-star at the start of filming, because he imagined he would have to be acting for two people. "But then I met her," the Notebook star said. "She came to the read-through," he explained. "I couldn't stop staring at her. I was fascinated. She had all these beautiful freckles on her face. She was endlessly fascinating to me. I got excited about all of our scenes together." What a delightfully odd turn of events! So where did the doll end up after filming? "Well, uh," Gosling mumbled. "My house."—Jocelyn Guest