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Trying to Understand the Times Square Streaker

Josh Drimmer

God bless the Post.Photo Courtesy NYP

It’s not every day that you wake up in the morning to find a picture of one of your former classmates naked on the cover of the New York Post. But such is the case today with Josh Drimmer, the Times Square Streaker. Drimmer, who graduated from Yale with one of your Daily Intel editors, gave no reason for why he walked up Seventh Avenue with no clothes on, entering a restaurant and jumping on the counter briefly, before getting scooped up by police and sent to Bellevue Hospital for evaluation. An actor and editor at a school newspaper while in college, Drimmer is a playwright and also writes a blog called Excellence Makes Wack Irrelevant. Though Drimmer was not a member of Yale’s infamous Pundits, the prankster group which hands out candy while nude in the library during finals, your editor seems to remember seeing him as a guest at one or two of their naked parties. Which doesn’t necessarily explain why he might walk naked around New York’s most touristy intersection. Oh, wait. The Post already has the answer: He’s a “hipster.” Ah, it’s so simple!

Welcome to Times ‘Bare’ [NYP] (Check out the photo gallery. Seriously.)

Trying to Understand the Times Square Streaker