Astroland: Now in the City’s Own Flipper Hands

Astoria: Miss Heather from Newyorkshitty gets back to what she does best: poop art. [Newyorkshitty]
The BQE: Tracks from Sufjan Stevens’s homage to the venerable expressway are online! [Vulture via Hypeful]
Coney Island The city will save Astroland’s land (as a park) by taking it away from Thor, thus saving the amusement park! Yay! Except, oh wait, what does the city know about running a freak show? Don’t answer that question. [Curbed]

Dumbo: The powerHouse Arena opens up its new gallery space in Dumbo among the warehouses, proving that if there were ever a new Chelsea, Dumbo would maybe want to express interest in being it. [Dumbo]
Gowanus: Hey, that heavily polluted abandoned lot that the city is drilling to look for toxicity? Neighbors want it for a public park! [Gowanus Lounge]
Harlem: Help pay medical bills for Pan-African activist and historian Elombe Brath. His family just wants to keep this “Walking Encyclopedia” up and walking. [Uptown Flavor]
La Guardia: A question for our times — do you tip airport bus drivers? What about if they are assholes? [East Village Idiot]