At Least Your Super Didn’t Scald You With Acid

Bath Beach: A Brooklyn super threw acid on two of his building occupants, now hospitalized. It’s the Crazy Love school of tenant harrassment! [McBrooklyn]
Bedford-Stuyvesant: Don’t ride your bike up on the sidewalk around here for one second lest you suffer the NYPD run-in these two did… [This Is the Diaspora via Bed-Stuy Blog]
Brooklyn Heights: Will the hood’s collective parental ego ever recover from P.S. 8’s having received a “C” on its city report card? How embarrassing! [Brooklyn Heights Blog]

East Village: The rise of the yunnie, or Young Urban Narcissist, wasn’t the launch of Sex and the City. It was the 1994 opening of Bowery Bar. [Vanishing New York]
Greenpoint: The best way to find an apartment in this hot hood? Get off your ass, come out here, walk around, and ask, moron! Oh, and be polite. [11222]
Midtown: Wasn’t it just a matter of time before the public library at Fifth and 53rd was sold to a high-end hotelier? Especially given that midtown is the new red-light district. [Curbed]
Park Slope: Next week, local merchants will start offering free yellow umbrellas customers can borrow when it’s raining, then return on an honor system. Hey, wait … it rains in Park Slope? [Gowanus Lounge]