Even Barbara Walters Thinks Heather Mills is a Jerk

"I rarely talk about people I interview," said Barbara Walters on The View this morning. "I love them all," she said. Yawn. "But every once in a while..." Oh! Do tell! Who!"Heatha Mills," she said, which was kind of a letdown, since we all know that Heather Mills is basically Satan, or at least basically equivalent to Ahmadinejad. But still! "This is not a very nice woman," Baba declared, and from her, that is rough. She had interviewed her twice. At first, she was sympathetic to her, because of, you know, the leg thing. "The first time, I was very touched by her, she had been in an accident, she lost her leg," Baba said. The second time, not so much. "One of our producers gave her a glass of water, she said, 'this glass of water is not room temperature,'... she was so impossible.'" Wow — Baba is fully going off on Heather Mills! This is awesome! The Huffington Post has the full rant.

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