Bed-Stuy Fires Back at the ‘Shwick!

Bedford-Stuyvesant: Uh-oh. Bed-Stuy just upped the stakes in the blog battle between it and Bushwick. They even dis ‘shwick homegirl Rosie Perez. This is war, muthaf*ckas. [Bed-Stuy Blog]
Coney Island: So many people showed up last night at the first public meeting on the city’s plans for Coney that it had to be canceled for lack of space. Wow. This should be an epic novel. [Gowanus Lounge]
Jackson Heights: The hood’s got a new bulletin board! Where else will you learn where to get the area’s best pizza, Mexican cocoa power, and $5-or-under eyebrow threading? [Jackson Heights Life]

Roosevelt Island: If Louis Kahn’s FDR memorial is built at the southern tip of the island, it will ruin the panoramic view of Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. A view that countless New Yorkers enjoy daily. Not. [Roosevelt Islander]
Soho: A boutique hotel set for the site of the late Moondance Diner is the latest in a wave of glossy new development planned for this blah stretch of Sixth. [Curbed]
South Brother Island: Haven’t heard of it, right? Well, the seven-acre isle just west of Rikers, the last privately owned one in the city, was just sold to the Feds for $2 million, to be kept by the Parks Department as a shore-bird sanctuary. Now you know. [Gothamist]