Calvin Klein and Donna Karan’s Bentley Accident: Hilarious!

Donna Karan rear-ended Calvin Klein’s Bentley while in her own Bentley. And get this, she was actually driving herself! Don Imus will have a co-host for the first time in his career when he returns to the air on December 3. Bryant Park charges the crew of Sex and the City $100,000 for each day they film there. (Also, the film’s ending is supposedly not yet written.) NBC Universal Jeffrey Zucker bought Kitty Carlisle Hart’s East 64th Street co-op for $12.3 million, “Page Six” reports, making us happy to see that they’re catching up on two-month-old Daily Intel posts. More Secret Service guards have been hanging out on Barbara Bush’s West Village block, perhaps because Janeane Garofalo gabbed on Bill Maher’s show that she’s Bush’s neighbor. Downtown promoter Ivy Supersonic spent a night in jail after being accused of stealing $7,000 by the owner of the Plumm. ‘Mocialite Kristian Laliberte hosted a party with BlackBook magazine for Carlos Campos at Upstairs in Soho.

Former Howard Stern sidekick Jackie Martling doesn’t miss his old gig. A former Oprah employee is threatening to publish an incriminating tell-all about the talk-show host’s business practices. Supposedly rehabbed skater Oksana Baiul celebrated her 30th birthday with vodka shots at Nikki Beach in midtown. Burglars stole a bunch of Picassos from Diana Widmaier-Picasso’s home in Paris, but French authorities got them back. Amy Winehouse may have done coke onstage in London. Pete Wentz sent a cease-and-desist letter to band Neurosonic because they wrote a song that bashed Ashlee Simpson. The creator of Scrubs says that Tara Reid stank of booze and smoke when she was a guest star. Time Warner chairman Dick Parsons will interview John Edwards tomorrow. Dustin Hoffman’s mom used to call him “Tootsie Wootsie.” Sir Ben Kingsley does not enjoy talking about his marriage to wife No. 4, Daniela Barbosa de Carneiro. Tickets to see Jennifer Hudson perform on New Year’s Eve will run you up to $60,000.