Coney Island: The New Blackpool, England?

Astoria: Everyone’s all excited about this new apartment building, but doesn’t it kind of look like a seventies computer or TV set? [OuterB]
Brooklyn Heights: Now that Norman Mailer’s dead, the hood’s most famous resident could well be right-wing scribe Peggy Noonan. How depressing. [Brooklyn Heights Blog]
Coney Island: If new visions for the amusement zone ever take hold, it may end up looking something like … Blackpool, England! Check out that twister coaster beside the tram. [Kinetic Carnival]

Financial District: With everything else around it torn down, this historic townhouse looks like a tasteful toothpick balancing in the wind. [Curbed]
Long Island City: There’s outrage over plans to turn a huge parcel of city land into rental units not for lower-income folks but middle-class ones making up to $145,000. That’s still middle class in New York? God, we feel poor. [Metro NY]
Park Slope: A small-claims court awarded this woman $2,750 to take the edge off her nightmares of nearly being decapitated by a shard of falling glass on Seventh Avenue. [Brooklyn Paper]
West Village: Absolutely exhausted moms leave their $1,000 strollers unattended outside the pediatrician’s office and toil to drag both Bugaboos and poodles into doorman-ed elevators. These moms are under pressure! [Vanishing New York]